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About us

Chairman's Statement

The opening of the third millennium witnessed a very important succession of political and economic events and developments, both locally and globally. During this period, the Egyptian economy succeeded to achieve a quantum leap as a result of the comprehensive economic reform program that was developed and deployed by the Egyptian government.

The performance of the Egyptian economy continued its progress during 2006-2007 fiscal year, supported with the increase of local demand and non-oil exports; the evolution of the stock market; the resumption of deploying the banking system development plan that is nearing completion; the stability of the efficient functioning of the foreign exchange market; the reform of the tax and customs system, as well as simplification of procedures, especially those related to investment activity; and the resumption of deploying the e-government program. The actual growth rate of the total gross domestic product based on production factors increased from 6.9% during the 2005-2006 fiscal year to 7.1% during 2006-2007 fiscal year. This increase is achieved with the contribution of many sectors, led by the transformation industry, wholesale and retail merchantability, construction, agriculture and irrigation, and Suez Canal.

The Egyptian market helped us to be an evolving market lead that wins much interest from local and foreigner investors, either organizations or individuals. Thus, we had to keep our commitments as a pioneer company in the Egyptian market to be an effective participant in the development process. We so far have done our best to become a lead in this investment field. Not only the business volume we rely on, but we also provide our clients professional services, in addition to other merits we have, as a long experienced organization having a high proficiency level and an eminent position in the field.

Since the establishment of our company, we rely on expertise, successes, and commitment regarding customer care. Our success as investment managers is based on essential trusts that contributed in establishing any decision we made within the investment field. Thus, our specialized expert team along with our precisely tested analysis helps us continually trending the market's behavior.