The indices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange continued to rise in the case of its rise to the state of its rise during its rise. The main index on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, egx30, rose 0.67% at the level of 14,221 points, while the small stock index egx70 increased by 0.52% at the level of 531 points until 12:40. The value of trading on shares only 445 million pounds, and Egyptian and Arab institutions and Arab individuals tended to sell with net trading values ​​of 2.5 million, 7.5 million and 2 million pounds, respectively. 

The transactions of Egyptian and foreign individuals and foreign institutions tended to buy, with net trading values ​​of 8.5 million and 728 thousand and 2.5 million pounds, respectively. The green color dominated most of the traded shares, and 86 shares rose out of a total of 152 traders, while 20 others fell and 46 remained unchanged. Analysts: The stock market entered a quick winter hibernation, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange concluded the trading session on Wednesday with a collective drop in its indices, amid a selling trend for foreigners and weak trading values. The main index in the Egyptian Stock Exchange egx30 closed down by 0.53% at the level of 14126 points, while the small and medium stocks index egx70 fell by 1.21% at the level of 528 points.